20 Jun 2019

Limitless 2019 drawing to a close

We now find ourselves back at Kenilworth

20 Jun 2019

We now find ourselves back at Kenilworth for the last few days of Limitless 2019.

The groups completed expedition 3 which was a huge challenge. 10 days, 9 nights sleeping in a tent, hiking, biking, canoeing, soloing, cooking, cleaning, navigating, leading… the list of challenges was long but the students excelled and returned to Kenilworth with huge smiles on their faces. They can be very proud of their achievements and the demands they overcame during the time spent traveling the Brisbane valley rail trail.

But the challenges haven’t stopped with their return to the homestead. Yesterday all the groups completed the ‘leap of faith’ high ropes activity. This involves getting harnessed up, climbing a 10m high pole and leaping out to touch a ball. Definitely not for the faint hearted but an activity the students really enjoyed. This morning we finished off the physical activity session with a 5km run (actually ended up being 5.84km). It was fantastic to see all students set themselves a goal and push their limits to finish the run. All the activity the students have been involved in over the last 6 weeks has definitely paid off!


Paddling to the end of the canoe section of expedition 3.


Numabulla pulling a sad face as they finish expedition 3, obviously not happy that it is all over.


More serious faces from Hinka Booma as they are preparing to take on the ‘leap of faith’


Bonyi all prepared to serve their last breakfast. The teams have become very efficient in their dinning hall duties.


The limitless team set off on the 5km challenge, the last physical activity session of this year’s program.


A final bonfire down on the beach of the Mary river, a time to relax and reflect on the last 6 weeks. Jon is giving some words of wisdom to the students here, a common occurrence during the program.

Tonight we have our final dinner and performances. It will be a time of celebration for all that has been accomplished and a chance to say farewell to the staff and facilitators at Higher Ground. Tomorrow morning we have a 3am wake up for a 4am departure as we will make our way back to Hong Kong. It is with heavy hearts we leave the Kenilworth homestead but a real sense of excitement to be reunited with friends and family back in Hong Kong. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at the airport on Friday evening.


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