14 Jun 2019

Half way through expedition 3

The groups are now half way through

14 Jun 2019

The groups are now half way through expedition 3. The last 5 days have seen the students¬† journeying along the Brisbane Vally Rail Trail. So far, hiking and biking have been the modes of transport and they are moving towards lake Wivenhoe where two days of canoeing will provide some variety. A 12 hour solo will allow the students time to reflect on their experience to date. The picturesque settings of the campsites will help to make this a special experience. The groups are traveling extremely well, in high spirits and with a real togetherness, which is heartening to see. We’re sure all groups will continue to succeed in their journey and arrive back at Kenilworth on Tuesday with a real sense of achievement.

Rod giving a final motivational speech prior to expedition 3 departure.


Read to set off for the Brisbane Valley rail trail.


Hinka Booma with their serious faces on as they prepare for a 14km cycle leg.


Bonyi chilling at the Toogoolawah show grounds after a long hike.


Numabulla have camp set up early after setting a record pace on their day of cycling.


We’ll post again when the groups arrive back at Kenilworth for the last few days of Limitless 2019!

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