21 May 2024

Our first update for Limitless 2024!!

G’Day from Kenilworth!! It has been a

21 May 2024

G’Day from Kenilworth!!

It has been a busy few days adjusting to our new lives. Here is an update of what we’ve been up to:

Day 1 – a long (and successful!) travel day. We spent the plane journey chatting and watching movies with our new friends and all got through immigration and customs smoothly. We arrived at Brisbane airport and then had a 1.5 hour bus ride to Kenilworth, which meant we arrived in the dark, but despite not being able to see much, you could tell we had arrived somewhere special. We were put into our dorm groups and said goodbye to our phones before jumping into bed for some well earned rest.

Day 2 –  Despite the fact most of us were running on only 4 hours sleep, the teachers barely had to wake anyone as excitement levels were high and everyone jumped out of bed, eager to explore their new surroundings. The sun was shining and students were found roaming the grounds checking out the stunning scenery and animal friends that we are to take care of for the next six weeks. We had our first meal and then got into our activity groups, met our instructors and set off for some team building activities. The day was spent getting the lay of the land and being introduced to the way of life here. The afternoon DEAR session proceeded some free time, where students spent their time running and playing on the grounds, before dinner and campfires and a much needed good nights sleep!


Day 3 –  an early (and chilly!) start to our first full day of Camp Life. Bonyi group did a fantastic job of setting us up for a great breakfast before we headed out on our first rounds of Community Living. Some of us fed the animals, some of us cleaned our (in some cases already messy..!) rooms, some of us washed and dried dishes… and others cleaned the toilets and showers! Each of us will take turns rotating through these chores each morning to help keep our community and location a happy place for all of us. We then did our first lot of group physical exercise before heading out with our instructors again for more games and group bonding.

Our afternoon ended with DEAR time outside before heading into some downtime before dinner. We are occupying ourselves by playing large games of tag around the homestead grounds, playing touch rugby, having wizard duels with large sticks and doing our laundry.

Day 4 – Another day with an early start followed by breakfast, before Physical fitness which was a choice between a running and bodyweight exercise circuit or a few ball games. Lunch is always spent outside on the grass, and so far we have had chicken wraps, chicken burgers and beef wraps. The food is going down a treat and the line for seconds is almost as long as the line for firsts! We spent the afternoon learning what we our expeditions will entail and packing our bags for the next three days.



The weather is beautiful, the food is great, our instructors are awesome and we are having a lot of fun!!!

Tomorrow we head on our first expedition..! We won’t be back on base site for three nights so we will update you on our adventures when we return. Wish us luck!

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