14 May 2019

We’re getting into the swing of things here at Kenilworth.

Day 2 & 3 has seen our

14 May 2019

Day 2 & 3 has seen our students settling into their new environment and routines. Jon (our program director) has introduced and explained the daily timetable of activities that each group will take part in over the next few weeks. There is a daily rota of jobs, which is part of the community living module. The morning physical health exercise class helps to prepare and improve the student’s fitness levels in preparation for the upcoming expeditions.

Each day has started early, but we have been welcomed each day with a hearty breakfast and mostly perfect weather conditions so far. Group formation activities has been the main focus over the last two days, which have seen the students working together to overcome a variety challenges in a new context. The skills they are learning will be important over the next coming weeks and will help them to become more independent and  accomplished as the programme progresses.

It has been a busy first few days and the students have been positive and enthusiastic, embracing the daily challenges with a maturity that has been commended by their instructors and the staff here at higher-ground. We are however, very much looking forward to REST day on Friday!


Feeding the animals is part of the community living activities we complete each morning.


Learning horsepersonship with some of the local residents on the homestead.


Morning physical activity helping get everyone ready for the riggers of upcoming expeditions.

Lunch time! Duty team serving up another feast.


Adventure activities developing the cooperative and teamwork skills which will be essential as we move through the program.


Hinka Booma team being put through their paces by their facilitators.


DEAR (drop everything and reflect) time happens every afternoon. Here students writing in their journals in the barn.

The next few days the students will move on to learning the skills of mountain biking, canoeing and climbing which they are extremely excited about. We’ll post an update later in the week as the students prepare to depart on their first expedition.

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