17 May 2019

One week in…

As we approached the end of the

17 May 2019

As we approached the end of the first full week on Limitless, the activities became more adventurous and also started to focus on expedition training in preparation for the first expedition which departs on Sat 18 May.  There is a growing feeling of togetherness as the team is becoming well-cemented and everyone is settling into the routine of the program.

Under the expert guidance of the six facilitators; Wesley, Rachel, Amelia, Connor, Ben and Matt, the three student teams of Bonyi, Numabulla and Hinkabooma, undertook a carousel of activities.  Mountain biking around the homestead focussed on pre-cycling safety checks and techniques for team cycling and body positions for downhill and uphill riding.  The canoeing took place on the Mary River which gently winds its way along the western edge of the homestead.  Students were taught how to wear the required safety equipment, paddling and steering techniques and emergency drills in the event of a capsize.  The climbing wall was also in action with students learning climbing techniques and also how to belay and the importance of climbing as a team and trusting your belaying partner(s).  The expedition training has focussed on camp-craft and camp cooking and how to safely use the camping stoves.  There has also been navigation training with map and compass teaching students how to orientate a map and use the map on simple orienteering exercises around the homestead.

On Wednesday afternoon there was a walk into the local town of Kenilworth and a research project looking at the history and the population of Kenilworth and this led into a team presentation on Thursday afternoon.  After dinner on Thursday there was a wind down night with the film Plastic Oceans which is an environmental awareness film which serves an introduction to an environmental project later in the programme.  Friday was the first rest day but of course there is still plenty to do with animals to feed, communal areas to clean and a chance to catch up with laundry on a beautiful sunny day.  On Friday morning the students also wrote their first letter home.

Learning the ropes of climbing.


Up the creek (Mary River) with one paddle each.


Basic mountain bike skills before hitting the bike trails.


Morning physical health continues under the blue Australian skies.


Learning how to use the cook stoves they will using while on expedition.


More camp-craft. This time it’s putting up the tents we will be using.


Walk into the local town of Kenilworth to find out about the area we are living in.


Researching the local area the old fashioned way with a trip to the Kenilworth library.


Presenting our research findings into various aspects of the history of the local area.


After a tie in the local area quiz, rock-scissors-paper was the only way to decide the winning team.

The groups depart on the first expedition tomorrow. We will update the blog with some reports of how it went in around a week.

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