Groups return from Expedition 2
01 Jun 2019

Groups return from Expedition 2

Yesterday saw the return of the groups

01 Jun 2019

Yesterday saw the return of the groups from expedition 2. This was a big step up from the first expedition both in length (5 days) and difficulty. Each group planned their own route around the trails and campsites of the Conondale National Park which borders the Kenilworth homestead. The students set off from the homestead, with the guidance of their facilitators, after packing all the essentials they would need for the trip into their backpacks. Each day the responsibilities were divided between group members, with responsibilities including leader, navigation, motivation food preparation, chef and clean up. Hikes of up to 13km were completed each day over some beautiful but hilly landscapes. The groups were self sufficient from the time they left the homestead, only relying on water and food drops (along with a birthday cake each for Tilly and Felix) at their respective camp sites each evening. The groups returned in great spirits although understandably tired and looking forward to a shower and a comfortable bed after 4 nights in a tent.

It was great to hear the stories from the students of their adventures along with the reports from the facilitators of how the groups are learning to work together as a team to achieve the objectives of any given day. We did a strengths spotting activity during DEAR time yesterday evening and here are a few of the examples some students shared of the strengths they observed in themselves and others of their time on expedition:

Teamwork – I was able to get things done which no-one wanted to do but had to be done.

Self-regulation – one of our group was good at knowing their own pace and knowing that they had to start a bit earlier on the hike so the group could run smoothly.

Resilience – Even though they weren’t the fittest person they still did their best and kept walking.

Teamwork – Throughout the walks/hikes and even at the campsite we were all working as a team to achieve everything!

Judgement – Our navigators worked well together and with the map to find out the correct path to take at confusing junctions.

Leadership – Throughout the whole expedition I believe everyone showed leadership attributes in their efforts to encourage and direct the team.

Perseverance – A lot of people in our group struggled with the mental and physical challenges of the hike but pushed through to the end.

Zest – one of my group was always able to look on the bright side of any situation.


Hinka Booma finishing off their breakfast and tidying up at the first campsite.


Bonyi all ready to depart the campsite on day 2 of expedition.


Numabulla having their breakfast in a sunny spot on morning 2 of expedition.


The groups settling in to a day of hiking in the Conondale National Park.


Working together to safely cross the Mary River on the way out of Kenilworth homestead.


Almost home… the students change out of their water shoes on the return to the homestead.

Back at the homestead after 5 days adventuring out in the wilderness.

Students unpacking and sorting out the equipment on their return.

Prince celebrating his birthday the day before his group departed for expedition.

Today is a rest day and the students will be writing letters home where I’m sure they will enjoy sharing their experiences for expedition 2 with you.

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