30 Aug 2018

How to get involved

Any current Year 9 child at an

30 Aug 2018

Any current Year 9 child at an ESF School can apply to join Limitless. However, there are only 60 spaces available, so each school will be conducting its own selection process.

As part of the selection criteria, parents of the students who are interested in Limitless will be asked to write a short application letter setting out why they think their daughter or son should be chosen to participate in this programme.

For any additional questions regarding Limitless, please contact limitless@esfcentre.edu.hk.

Application Process

1. Application to ESF online

Enrol now

2. Application includes
a short application letter



3. Each school will determine
which of its students will be selected to attend

4. Limited to 60 Year 9 Students from across ESF schools



We are aware that an expedition and experience such as this does require a significant investment from families.

Paid over three instalments, the total cost per student – including programme fee, flights and insurance: $57,900 HKD.*

Tuesday 23 October, 2019


17 January 2020


10 April 2020


*This is a provisional cost which may change due to exchange rates, etc.    **The final payment is variable and will be based on finalised programme cost.

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