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Criteria for Student Selection

Criteria for Student Selection

A student admitted to Limitless will:
  • show genuine passion for the programme’s educational outcomes and an exemplary commitment to self-development
  • show commitment to the concept of Community Engagement, including through a track record of taking principled action to benefit others in his/her communities
  • be someone who consistently shows the strength of character necessary to be an effective ambassador for their school and the ESF
  • be committed to using their time on Limitless to aid their own development and that of their school, local and global community
The selection of a student for the programme is a global judgment that does not rely solely on any one single information source; however, the school should utilise the following to inform their decision about whether the student is well-aligned with the above points:
  • The application letter submitted to the Limitless Website
  • The quality of the student’s interactions with others during their time at their current school
  • The student’s track record of engagement with his/her community and the taking of principled action, for instance through participation in service learning programmes
  • The opinions of the student themselves and people around the student, including parents, staff, and fellow students, about what it would mean for the student to participate, and how effectively they would act as an ambassador for the school and the foundation
  • The demonstration of leadership by the student, in formal and/or informal ways, in their current school context

The enrolment deadline is 25 September 2019, 3pm.

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